How can I get certified?

Go to the online store and select the product that you want to buy. After you have purchased it, you will receive a certification key.

Why must I get certified?

The certification ensures that all persons are centrally registered who are conducting inspections with the Secumundi apps. We would like to prevent non-expert persons from buying the apps and carrying out inspections.

I forgot my certification key, or it is invalid. 

If this is the case contact us at and provide your name and complete address.

Can I send the PDFs straight from the app instead of transferring them from my tablet to a PC? 

Yes. You can send your PDFs up to a size of 15MB by email directly from the app. Click on the envelope symbol in the PDF view.

Can I add photos to the app later in order to add them to the customer report?

Yes, please import the image into the standard photo library of your tablet and then add it to the inspection report within the app.

How often are updates released?

We are always working to improve the apps and to keep them up to date, e.g. in the event of legal changes. The EHS Manager templates are updated regularly and can be downloaded directly in the app without having to update the app itself.

I have improvement suggestions, criticism, or other comments about the app. Who can I contact? 

Please submit your feedback to:

Are there also work equipment inspection apps for Android tablets?

Yes, the Rack Inspector and Ladder Inspector apps are currently available for Android.

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