Online training

Training software reduced to the max

Efficient execution of trainings in all areas of occupational safety and occupational medicine.

Interactive training enables efficient training in the field of occupational safety and occupational medicine because supervisors and managers do not have to develop training materials or assemble employees. Your effort is reduced to the supervision of the training progress.

With our training platform, trainings and monitoring are a breeze because we provide you with materials and an effective tool that significantly simplifies the process. The necessary documentation/training verification can be accessed at any time and concisely rendered as a PDF document.

In addition, Interactive Training provides information that is essential for supervisors and focuses their work on the core of their obligation: To convey required knowledge in occupational health and safety safely. Without the interactive training, this important information is usually lost, since as a rule no or only a few comprehension questions are asked about the contents of the training. In order to increase safety in the company, however, feedback is important because only in this way can the knowledge transfer be ensured or a possible need for action be identified.

Training efficiently with interactive training means:

  • Saves time
  • An organisational break for supervisors and safety specialists
  • Qualified knowledge communicated directly to the employees
  • Performance reviewing guarantees the attention of every employee
  • The provable documentation guarantees the legal certainty of the interactive training
  • The contents meet the requirements of Sec. 12 Working Conditions Act, Sec. 9 BetrSichV and Sec. 4 DGUV 1
  • Dialogue on safety-related issues is encouraged
  • Managers are provided with effective tools for monitoring the training progress

Online training offers various advantages

E-learning in occupational safety makes implementation and documentation easier

Various areas are covered

Trainings, operating instructions and internal company documents

Legal certainty

Performance review for each course unit


Documentation of training for each course unit

Annual training plan

For determining and having overview of all necessary training contents

Multiple languages

Content available in English. Other languages upon request.

Transparent training success

Overview and legal certainty at the click of a mouse

Thanks to the annual training plan, supervisors always have a complete overview of the training status of their employees. You can see at a glance who has already passed which training, where the most frequent difficulties have arisen and in which thematic areas there is a need for additional training. The documentation/proof of each instruction is available at any time. This provides the necessary legal certainty for those responsible for occupational health and safety. 

Topics of the interactive training

Extensive standard content and individual adaptations very simple

We offer a wide range of in-house training courses. We are not limited in our training topics because of our close cooperation with the safety specialists and company doctors of our partners of the Dipl.-Ing. H. Diemer engineering firm and the Institute for Occupational Medicine and Safety. Individual content can be created and inserted at any time. In addition, company-specific content and details can also be adapted.

Frequently necessary training topics, which we offer, are e.g.:

  • Waste treatment
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Occupational injury
  • Display workstation
  • Fire safety
  • First aid
  • Infection protection
  • Safety at the workplace
  • Handling of hazardous substances
  • Responsibility of managers

Frequently required operating instructions are e.g.:

  • Correct handling of hazardous substances
  • Working in the warehouse
  • Loading and unloading with forklift truck
  • Use of hearing protection in noisy areas
  • Load securing on vehicles
  • Use of ladders and steps
  • Use of official vehicles
  • Handling electrical systems, equipment and cables in the office


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