EHS Manager+ Software

Documentation in occupational health and safety is extensive and time-consuming, and we have the solution.

The EHS Manager+ application enables you to document all important health and safety aspects quickly and easily. With the software, we have taken care to minimise the time-consuming tasks of documentation by using customised and practical templates.

The software is available as a PC version but also as an app on various platforms such as Android and iOS. However, the server-based solution can not only be used online, but also offline, thus offering a continuous work process. By synchronising the content with the server, all data is constantly backed up and is available across different end devices.

EHS Manager+ Enterprise
The EHS Manager+ Enterprise occupational health and safety software includes all important occupational health and safety tasks and the option to check all work equipment. Documenting and managing health and safety content has never been easier. Onli...

from 145,00 € each month

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EHS Manager+ Occupational Safety
The EHS Manager+ occupational health and safety software covers all important occupational health and safety tasks, from risk assessments and protocols to pandemic plans.

from 105,00 € each month

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EHS Manager+ Rack inspection
With EHS Manager+ Shelf Inspection, comprehensive inspections of racking can be carried out. Racking can be inspected faster and easier than ever before.

from 40,00 € each month

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EHS Manager+ Work equipment
The EHS Manager+ work equipment inspection software includes the option of inspecting any work equipment. Online and offline.

from 65,00 € each month

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Tools for practitioners

Occupational health and safety software, from practice for practice

All the templates we provide are constantly updated by occupational safety experts. Occupational safety specialists (SiFa, FaSi), occupational physicians and company doctors use this content in their daily practice. This means that you benefit immediately from the improvements in day-to-day advice.

Above all, the written documentation of occupational safety aspects involves an enormous amount of time, which we have been able to significantly reduce with our occupational safety apps. The mobile applications can be used to create everything from risk assessments and fire safety regulations to action plans from the existing templates. In addition to the comprehensive functions and the direct documentation of measures with photos, the special feature is that complete customer structures can be displayed and templates can be flexibly edited and customised. By synchronising the documentation from the tablet to the PC, it is possible to edit the documents on site and complete them later on the PC.

Data protection & data security

Our applications meet the requirements of the GDPR

Your data is stored on a server in Germany that is subject to the requirements of the GDPR.

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