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Die Secumundi GmbH has been working in the world of occupational safety, occupational health and various areas of occupational safety softwares for more than 20 years.

Secumundi stands for Quality and Safety..

An expert team of occupational health and safety specialist, occupational physicians, IT engineering and quality management develop unique platform of software and service solutions.

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Occupational safety software and apps

from Secumundi

Our Products

From the app to the completely integrated EHS Manager+ Software to our comprehensive services in occupational and health safety, we provide everything you need!

EHS Manager+

Software and mobile app to set up the entire documentation in occupational and health safety.


Comprehensive software in occupational safety

Simple and efficient documentation from hazard assessments, protocols and instructions to comprehensive action plans. Expert templates with specific contents for careful application. Ready to use templates for all important occupational safety tasks in one app.

Efficient implementation of working equipment inspections

With our app, the documentation of test results and the possible anomalies is easier than ever before! Specific checklists and templates (based on the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (BetrSichV) and relevant DIN standards) are developed by experienced testers and can be used directly from them. An extension of these templates to include your test points is possible at any time.

UVV Inspection Software

Fast and efficient implementation of working equipment inspections. Our apps are designed to do just that.

SiGe Portal

Comprehensive solution for your occupational health and safety obligations 


Solution for simple documentation of occupational health documentation for small and medium sized companies (SMEs).

The cost-effective and simple solution for the support of small companies pursuant to the Occupational Physicians and Occupational Safety Specialists Regulation 2 (DGUV Vorschrift 2). You will be supported in fulfilling the legal, official and trade association requirements. The SiGePortal is an online platform with prepared occupational safety documents and is designed to meet the needs of those responsible for occupational safety.

Efficient electronic online training

Online-based interactive training enables efficient training in the field of occupational safety and occupational medicine because supervisors and managers do not have to develop training materials or assemble employees. Your effort is reduced to the supervision of the training progress.



Quick and easy implementation of training. Online, legally certain and easy.


Seminars & Education

In-depth training and further education based around occupational safety

Comprehensive and practical seminar content is vividly taught by our partners in the areas of industrial safety, occupational health and safety, occupational medicine and work equipment testing. 

Company-oriented occupational safety consultation

Our partners in occupational medicine, safety engineers, and EHS experts consult your company in all areas of occupational safety. The relevant occupational safety topics are systematically adapted and implemented to your individual needs. We can rely on 30 years of experience in support of our customers pursuant to the DGUV Regulation 2 and the Working Conditions Act (ArbSchG).


Highly qualified consulting in all aspects of occupational safety and occupational medicine


You have questions and we love to answer them!

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Our Certificates

Our most important certificates and awards

Certified Software

Our software received the Software Hosted in Germany Award

Software from Germany

We are a member of The Federal Association of IT for Midsize Companies (BITMi e.V.) and we want to highlight our software “made in Germany”


The Administrative Employers' Liability Insurance Association awarded our app the occupational safety prize.

Our Customers

Here’s what our customers say about us

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